Wacom Quartz
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Customized Labware...

Quartz is not as common as Pyrex™ in the chemical industry. However we have had the opportunity to produce some truely "mad scientist" type lab apparatus out of quartz which are typically made of softer glass types.

Ground and tapered joints of quartz are available to mate up to your existing standard size chemistry systems, or we would be happy to fabricate your entire multi-part processing setup completely from ultra-pure, thermal shock tolerant Momentive™ (formerly GE) quartz glass.

Graded seals can be constructed within certain size limits to directly join quartz and Pyrex™ or Covar™ with a seamless transition through multiple intermediate glass types.

All types of glassblowing seals; double and triple wall condensers, liquid and vapor vacuum pumps, or any other part more commonly made of borosilicate glass can just as easily be produced by our master glassblowers from quartz when the high heat or aggressive corrosive properties of your particular process require it.

Contact a sales engineer to have your design quoted for production in as short as one week.