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Semi Product

Who needs fabricated quartz products?

Wacom Quartz's roots extend back to the glass shop inside a Motorola ® semiconductor plant. So it is only natural that this industry still forms the majority of our customer base.

We have had one long-time customer in the medical device field for many years, because of our proven relationship with this high reliability manufacturer, we have also had opportunities to branch out into other biomedical industries as well as automotive, military, aeronautical and astronautical specialty suppliers where "zero defects" is a way of life.

Chemistry departments at universities, pure research laboratories, and such specialty sciences as ultra-high yield laser development and high purity materials processing have made use of our precision and often times very large quartz working capabilities to build many different "one off" products.

The solar energy industry is promising to be our largest growth market into the two-thousand-teens decade. Sharing much of the processing equipment with semiconductors, and moving forward into large panel photovoltaic's.

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