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Foreword from President Daniel R. Lee

Wacom Quartz believes that forming partnerships with our customers, vendors and employees is the key to a successful future. A big part of true partner relationships is trust. As a company we assume that information shared with customers, vendors or employees is by default confidential and trust that our partners do the same. This applies to all forms of communication including written, spoken, graphical (part drawings) and electronic data; shared via email, telephone, personal conversation, or any other means including this website.

Business Practices


In many cases, customers and vendors have co-signed with Wacom Quartz Corporation specific confidentiality clauses, nondisclosure agreements or other similar legal contracts. We honor these agreements to the letter, but beyond that we are proud to do our business partners the respect of generally assuming that information learned about their companies during the course of business is typically to be considered confidential, unless otherwise specified. We ask that they pay us the same courtesy.


Some of the products produced by Wacom Quartz are under patent by an original equipment manufacturer or other inventor. Some of these products are available to sell with an included royalty to the patent holder, some are totally proprietary.

Conflict of Interest

Wacom Quartz employees, particularly sales and customer service staff will not take steps to expose the company to a conflict of interest. This includes accepting cash, gifts or any other "quid pro quo" type arrangement in the negotiation of purchase orders or contracts.

Open Door Policy

Current customers and vendors of Wacom Quartz are welcome to visit our Phoenix, AZ plant and offices any time with reasonable notice via telephone or email. (Contact sales or purchasing agents for arrangements.) For site visits and/or audits by potential customers or those wishing to place evaluation orders, we ask that you contact our sales staff in writing to schedule such an event. Wacom Quartz management reserves the right to deny or rescind admittance to anyone at any time, for any reason we deem appropriate.


Forms Submissions

Electronic forms on our website are used for customer feedback and potential employment purposes. Information submitted will not be used for any other purpose by Wacom Quartz Corp. and will not be made directly available to any third party. (Summary information with names removed could appear in reports or this website, and thereby become available to third parties.)


This website does not employ tracking or session cookies as of the implementation date of this policy.

Tracking and Logging

The web server for this site makes use of industry standard logging of visitors including IP address, links from and links to URL logs. Wacom Quartz uses this information only for website demographics review.


We make every effort to assure the information presented on this website is accurate. However Wacom Quartz Corp. accepts no responsibility or risk associated with the use of this information.


Please assume that all content on this website is the copyrighted property of Wacom Quartz Corporation, and may not be reproduced or reused without our expressed, written approval.