Other OEM's Epitaxial Products

Wacom Quartz
5050 S 38th Place
Phoenix, AZ 85040


Bell Jars (Domes)

Wacom Quartz has been producing and repairing these Domes for many years. Our glassblowers and inspectors have the experience and patience to get the details of dimension and surface finish right on these, producing a product of superior quality and reliability.


We currently produce 6 and 8" insulator plates for end-users' systems. These have a combination of polished and ground surfaces per the OEM drawing, or can be modified per customer requirements. They are inspected on our CMM for control of detail dimensions as fine as .0005"

Bell Jar - Epitaxialbell jar

7600, 7800 and 7810 are model numbers of "standard" bell jars that used to be produced in great numbers here at Wacom Quartz. While these systems are now more rare, we would be happy to fabricate any of these or build your custom design of a similar product.

Purge Baffle

Purge baffles were a main component of an older line of epitaxial products from one OEM. We can repair or replace yours, and may even have what you are looking for in stock, ready to ship.

Quartz Hanger

This thick piece of quartz tubing suspends the purge baffle and sensor sheath. Because of it's mechanical function, it is subject to being chipped or cracked. If you have one of these pieces in need of repair or replacement, we consider it an easy job and will have your part back to you quickly and at a low cost.

Sensor Sheath

The final main piece of quartz used in older epi systems is the sensor sheath. These become devitrified after use and can be repaired by fire-polishing, we can of course also produce new ones and typically keep a small amount of raw materials (flanges and tubing) in stock to do so.