Wacom Quartz
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The foundation of our company...

The semiconductor industry has used quartz glass to process wafers for nearly 50 years. Wacom Quartz Corporation was originally formed to provide products for only this industry. As shown on the "about us" page, our company history leads back to the in-house glass shop from a Motorola wafer fabrication plant in Phoenix, AZ.

As can be seen on our Products pages, Wacom Quartz still concentrates mainly on our semiconductor customers. These fall into 4 main groups:

Silicon Materials Houses Companies that melt raw silicon, then grow it into crystal ingots, forming the base material from which the wafers are later sliced. Because of the high temperatures and purity needed in the melting process, quartz glass is used.
Wafer Base / Preparation Plasma etching; Gallium Arsenide (GaAs), Gallium Nitride (GaN), Epitaxial Pre-Doped Silicon and other foundational layers are commonly applied by specialty processing companies.
Wafer Fabs and Foundry Many wafer fabricators design and manufacture their own chips on silicon wafers using Wacom Quartz glass. "Foundries" also fabricate wafers, following the processes developed by their wafer fab customers, and utilizing the same quartzware.
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturers, such as our strategic partner ASM America ®, produce the wafer processing equipment that the other three categories of customers above use. These OEM's also design the quartzware for their systems. At Wacom Quartz we provide these new and replacement parts to the OEM or directly to the end user when appropriate.