Horizontal Furnace Products

Wacom Quartz
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Furnace Tubes

We know many customers out there still have horizontal furnaces in operation from Amtech, Athens, Thermco, Bruce and others. Wacom Quartz can build to your design or the OEM, up to an outside diameter of 350mm.

Wafer Carriers

Horizontal wafer carriers or "boats" have been part of the semiconductor industry for over 40 years. We have welding fixtures and slot cutting patterns for well over 50 different types and variations.

End Caps & End Plates

Most horizontal furnaces that utilize a quartz process tube also have a piece of quartzware to close heat and gasses inside after the carriers are loaded. Be it called a cap, a plate or a baffle, Wacom Quartz can build one to your drawing or help design one to meet your specialized needs.

Other Parts

Sleds, handles, push and pull rods, thermocouple sheaths, and a variety of other ancillary parts for dozens of different horizontal furnace systems have been fabricated by Wacom Quartz over the years. Give one of our Sales Engineers a call or email with your needs to receive a prompt and aggressive price quote.