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Wacom Quartz
5050 S 38th Place
Phoenix, AZ 85040


Single Wafer Chambers

Our master glassblowers have been producing these chambers for 150, 200 and 300mm Epsilon ™ and other ASM systems since their invention. Both for ASM directly and for customers using their reactors all over the world. If you want a chamber meeting all OEM specifications, and of the best cosmetic quality, Wacom Quartz is your only choice.

Our close partnership with ASM has allowed our fabricators to be trained by the engineers who invented this product, and use "copy exact" tooling, fixtures and inspection techniques. Every chamber we build (or repair) is CMM inspected, stress checked by polariscope, and given a "birth certificate" showing all key dimensions. Reduced Pressure varieties are also checked for vacuum deflection to meet ASM specification.

Susceptor Shafts

Many varieties of shafts and susceptor supports (below) are available. Some have fastening devices to prevent torsional movement. These are generally available in a matched set with the support. All are serial number controlled for traceability back to manufacture.

Susceptor Supports (Spiders)

We have been making these parts nearly as long as the chambers that they work inside. Wacom Quartz's predecessor was the first quartz fabricator to specialize in these products, made possible by our commitment to automated machine grinding and inspection of the many extremely close tolerance dimensions necessary to make this part functional. Over years we have been qualified in every variety of ASMA spider design, and have participated in the development of new varieties.


Wacom Quartz can repair any of the ASM Epitaxy system quartzware, including those products mentioned above as well as Rings, Getter Supports, and the small setup tools such as flags and picks. There is more paperwork involved in a process chamber, but all follow this general process. (Click link to get further information about repairs.)