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Built to order Quartz Laboratory Apparatus

Most lab apparatus is made from Pyrex ® or similar borosilicate glass. If you are looking for a standard beaker, flask, petcock or dish made of quartz we would be happy to either direct you to a source or aquire those for you.

If on the other hand you need a complicated, oversized, or one-of-a-kind apparatus constructed of semiconductor grade quartz glass, then Wacom Quartz is your best source; from simple to very challenging, contact a sales engineer for a quotation.

The main reason we are asked to build such items from quartz is the greatly improved thermal shock characteristics of quartz over any other type of glass. Fast acting, high heat releasing reactions that will crack Pyrex® or other glassware do not even stress a similar vessel made of pure quartz. For instance a thin walled quartz beaker can be heated to over 1,500°C and then plunged into room-temperature water, without cracking. Don't try that with any other type of glass!