Wacom Quartz
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Hey, stuff happens...

New or (properly decontaminated*) used quartzware can be repaired if it is broken, chipped or has been either dimensionally or cosmetically compromised from many things such as extended use, overheating, improper cleaning, etc.

The repair process at Wacom Quartz

1 During contract review, the general scope of the repair project is agreed upon. If the part to be repaired has been exposed to processing chemicals by the customer, it must be decontaminated before acceptance for repair*, otherwise skip step 2 below.
2 Parts that are not "clean" un-used quartzware are drop shipped to our approved sub-contractor for decontamination*.
3 Parts are received, and logged into an electronic repair tracking log, assigned a tracking number, and incoming inspected. When acceptable the outer box or crate is saved with reference to that same tracking number and will be recycled for delivery back to the customer when the repair process is completed.
4 A full quotation and quality plan (shop job) are prepared to bring the part back to a conforming status for the customer. If this deviates from the scope agreed upon in step #1, further communication is completed before a purchase order is accepted and the job moves forward.
5 Repair jobs move through production, inspection, packaging, shipping and invoicing using the same processes as new products. The criteria for conformity can be the same as new parts, or as modified by the customer.
6 Unless specified otherwise in the purchase order, the word "REPAIR" will appear on labeling for individual parts as well as the shipping carton.

This process can save our customers as much as 75% of the cost for reusable parts compared to buying brand new spares, normally with no compromise in functionality.

*Note our refusal to bring glass products into our plant which have been exposed to dopants or other processing chemicals, without certified decontamination off-site first. This especially applies to copper; no copper parts or glass products exposed to copper containing depositions will be accepted for inspection or repair under any circumstances.