Raw Material


Wacom Quartz
5050 S 38th Place
Phoenix, AZ 85040


Raw materials available...

Wacom Quartz is an authorized dealer of Momentive Performance Materials ® quartz glass. (Formerly GE Quartz) Typically this is GE-214 and GE-224 material or "semiconductor grade" fused quartz.

We keep several sizes of tubing and rod in stock from 1.0mm to approximately 235mm. We also stock a variety of taper and ball & socket joints in sizes from 5mm to 165mm. (Larger sizes also available but not commonly kept in inventory.) Depending on our current allocation for jobs within our shop, any of this material is available to you, our potential customer, for resale.

There is one big advantage to buying raw materials from Wacom Quartz rather than directly from Momentive; you may buy it in any quantity. You are not required to buy it by the "box." For instance if your special project at your chemistry lab only requires 2ea pieces of 4mm x 6mm x 48" tubing, that is all you have to buy, rather than a "box" of 200ea.

Contact a sales engineer to get current availability and pricing.